VR Protective Cover Set


VR Protective Cover Set

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【For Oculus Quest 2 Accessories】This is a silicone protective set specially designed for Oculus Quest 2. It includes 2 x touch controller grip covers,1 x VR face cover, 1 x VR lens cover, 1 x VR face protector cover.The big set can basically meet your needs for protection.

【VR Face Silicone Cover】The VR face silicone cover fits the machine and is soft, skin-friendly, so it is very comfortable to use. Anti-sweat, anti-skid, anti-light. Using it, you can enjoy a great VR immersive experience.Made of silicone materials, it is easy to clean and dry.

【Touch Controller Grip Cover】The double-layer design has a soft honeycomb layer on the skin side, which provides cushioning while allowing moisture to escape, breathable, lightweight and easy to adjust. The other side is made of exquisite the pattern of lychee PU leather, which not only protects your handle, but also brings us a more comfortable experience.

【VR Lens Cover】Made of High-grade Environmental EVA Material, the Surface is very comfortable,It is shock-resistan, dust-proof and scratch-resistant , which can protect the lens from impact, scratches and soiling. It has a good protective effect on the lenses, so you don’t worry to scratch the for Oculus Quest 2 lens.

【VR Face Protector Cover】Protect your headset front camera and enhance eyesight. In the 4 key areas, a safe thermoplastic is ensured by ventilation to ensure that heat dissipation will not be interrupted during the game.


2* Touch controller grip covers(Left and right)

1* Face Cover

1* Lens Cover

1* VR face protector cover

More excellent gaming experience

The most comfortable way to enjoy game time。Touch controller Grip Cover For Oculus Quest 2Premium Silicone Material Soft, safe and Washable.

Good heat dissipation, Better breathability and heat dissipation

Excellent protection Perfect for protecting your headset from accidental damageSilicone face cover

Non-slip Sweat-resistant, Thickened Nose pads, Easy to clean, Perfect Fit, Prevent Light-LeakingPrecise Hole position

Surrounding buckle,not easy to move
Cut holes precisely without blocking the signal

The texture of the protective shell increases friction airflow and contributes to sweat evaporation
Lightweight, Adjustable, Comfortable, Odorless, Non-Slip

Metal snaps button are more durable than velcro, Ergonomic design, PU Leather strap

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For Oculus Quest 2 VR Accessories


for oculus quest 2 accessories


For oculus quest 2 grip Cover


For oculus quest 2 Controller Grip


Oculus Quest 2 Accessories


For oculus quest 2 Face Cover


For oculus quest 2 Eye Cover


For oculus quest 2 lens Cover


For vr glasses / for smart glasses


vr for oculus quest2


accessoires for oculus quest 2


FOR oculus quest 2 strap


for occulus quest 2 case

8 reviews for VR Protective Cover Set

  1. S***a

    Dazzling, והגיע really fast. Well done

  2. H***a

    Unobtrusive when playing, good fit. Bear in mind that it’s a matte finish, so it’s a lighter tone of black.

  3. Customer

    Toval excellent came for 8 days Kizhi very satisfied with the material is very pleasant and comfortable nowhere does not press VSO conveniently sit in his hand

  4. F***r

    Very soft and comfortable with very good wrist holds and good grips!I love it. It fits like a glove and does what it’s supposed to do, which is look good.

  5. R***o

    Top quality of galaxies. Will you store leproso good, all my salary this disgusting, product top tops

  6. L***i

    Are satisfied so much that I took un’altro

  7. L***i

    Great product stocking fine on ocolus quest 2

  8. A***y

    The product corresponds to the description. Very pleased.

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