Meta Oculus Quest 2 Shooting Game Rifle Gun

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Meta Oculus Quest 2 Shooting Game Rifle Gun


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Upgraded 3rd Generation Magnetic rifle gun stock for Oculus Quest 2 and Quest 1

Details For Oculus quest 2 Big rifle Gun

  • Cool Experience with VR Shooting Games:Solid, cool looking and feels great in motion. Put a good amount of playtime into it with zero issues. Has improved accuracy and realism ten fold.

  • Easy Adjust Buckles: No fuss buckles allow you to easily adjust the strap to your specific body type.

  • Quick-Lock: Installation is easy.The magnetic kit snaps easily on the controllers , no need extra tools.Stabilize controllers keeping them perfectly aligned.

  • Better VR Experience:This would give you the great experience with vr shooting games and better control of the weapons,enhanced aiming to improve your skill set,eliminate controller wobble during intense battles.

  • Please note that the controllers was not included.


Details For Oculus quest 2 small pistol gun:

1. We are angling 112°the controller correctly so the ingame barrel is level,while maintaining a good grip and strong wrist.This makes for more comfortable, stable and realistic shooting.Right and left pistol grips are offered.


2.We don’t need you take times to assemble, just placed it in the right position then one press and finished. No more time confused and suck here, you should enjoy your game.

3. Not only our gun designed with the slipe part in front which you can move make it more like real, but also the weight feels like holding a real gun in any combination of true-to-life handgun shooting.

4. Comfort and a consistent hold,this helps maintain consistent grip even better in game .Full access to all buttons and thumbsticks,giving a more realistic feel.

5. This Combo pack includes both a Left and Right Pistol Grip. The grip is designed to cradle the controller in such a way that in game matches exactly what you feel in real life during games like Arizona Sunshine Robo Recall Pavlov Pistol Whip VR Gun Club Pirate Trainer.

Just Buy It !!!


You will never want to play VR without it combo pistol grips Gun for Oculus Quest 2 !



Note :  Oculus and controllers are not included !!!!

Small gun stock in option is only for Quest 2.

Shoulder strap is included with magnetic rifle gun stock .




Details For Oculus Quest 2 pistol Gunstock and Silicone hand grip strap:


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Oculus Quest 2





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VR Game Gun

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Oculus Quest 2






For VR shooting Games





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