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Mouse + Keyboard Combo


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Q: How to connect keyboard & mouse?

A: Connect the mouse first, then connect the keyboard.
Mouse: Push the switch to the “Bluetooth” icon, find the Bluetooth connection with “Mouse” in the device Bluetooth list.
Keyboard: Push the switch in the upper right corner to “ON”, press “Connect”, and find the Bluetooth connection with “Keyboard” in the device Bluetooth list.

Q: How to switch system between Android/Windows/iOS?

A: Press Fn+Q(Android)/Fn+W(Windows)/Fn+E(iOS) to switch the system. Different system shortcuts are different.(Switching to the wrong system will affect the keyboard’s content input.)

Q: How to configure the input method for different language keyboards?

A: Take the iPad as an example, open “General”–“Keyboard”–“Keyboards”–“Add New Keyboard”. (For other systems, please set them in the system settings according to the tips of the iPad example.)

Russian + English keyboard: Choose Russian keyboard input method.
Korean + English keyboard: Choose the Korean keyboard input method.
French + English keyboard: Select French (France)–AZERTY keyboard input method.
Spanish + English keyboard: Select the Spanish(Spain) keyboard input method.
Portuguese + English keyboard: Select the Portuguese (Portugal) keyboard input method.

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